About Darren

Darren grew up surrounded with music,  his two sisters played keyboard, one brother played electric guitar the other brother played drums. When Darren was an amateur performer, he won many awards when he competed in country music events through out Western Australia in Albany, Boyup Brook, Collie,Mount Barker, and York. Darren has worked as a DJ and ice resurfacer at Skaters on Ice Mirribooka Perth. The rink has just closed now giving Darren time to record a new album which will be released soon.

Darrens first album," Lightning Woman " takes listners on a electric ride through the roots and soul of the outback Darren brings to life stories from the red rock country including the title aboriginal dreamtime myth" Lightning Woman" who causes terrifying fires as she throws lightning to the ground. Darren's yearning tenor voice and unusual vocal phrasing - reminiscent of Nisson - takes listeners on a journey of everything wild, weird and wonderful about living down under.

Darren flew to America to record two DVD clips, including the country - inflected rock track, " Crocodile Man " which was filmed offshore of Long Island in honour of OZ 's most famous export - Steve Irwin. Darren almost ended up in jail because someone didn't tell the city that they were going to be filming there, and four Coast Gards patrol boats surrounded the seaplane to arrest them because people onshore thought the film team and Darren were drug runners. After a lot of shouting and explaining, the intrepid crew ended up filming the last sequence on a jetty outside a water front restaurant, but this was not without its own adventure. Three girls dressed only in bikinis wrestled Darren to the ground to the horror of onlookers, who thought a porn movie was being filmed when the frisky girls attempted to tear poor Darren's clothes off as he hung onto his pants for grim death.

For the Alt - Dance album " Wind and Fire " Darren flew to the Hudson River in New York to film the track " Wizard's Drum " where he spent most of the day perched on the edge of a boat, beating a drum while singing and trying not to fall into the water. The album " Wind and Fire " has wild pulsing beats, songs of blood sucking Vampires, Underworlds and Romance.

Darren has also tried his hand at acting, appearing as an alien ( with hair and eyebrows shaved off ) in the 1998 American sci-fi cult classic film "Dark City"( starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connolly and William Hurt ) The film, set in a dark cave like structure filled with smoke, along with 200 synchronised zombie like characters inspired the track " Alien". Darren also appered in the last few episodes of "General Practise" which was filmed in Sydney.
Being able to reinvent himself in different music styles, Darren Hume has developed into a unique artist. As the music on his albums is mostly fun and light hearted he looks forward to sharing his brand of country music and fun dance tracks with a new generation of listeners.