From Western Australia comes artist DARREN HUME who sings and plays on an interesting album.  He tells stories in his songs, songs about the land down under aka 'Oz' to some.
The songs cover everything form the legend sung about in the title track, to the 'Pink Saloon' (about a bar), to the land, about love, to home and a ditty for the "Crocodile Man" the famous Steve Irwin aka the 'Crocodile Hunter.'
Hume's vocals are interesting and unique.  Some may like them, others may not.  His music approach is varied, often laid back, and even fun.    He covers lots of subjects and his wide range of life experiences bring credibility to his songs.  He's been an actor, a DJ, an ice resurfacer, and more.
I like "Ghost Piano", "Traveling Home", the nicely flowing "Fortune Queen" and a country-like tune, "Rattlesnake Rose".  The rockiest was probably "Stereo Man" which seems a positive peon to those that fix up their cars and put in loud stereos.  In America that was all cool till around 1988 when the generic stereo was replaced by the terrorist 'thunder boomers' which are very powerful bass vehicles that can literally kill a person inside if the volume was turned up to full.  Ten to 15,000 dollar systems were no uncommon and the stereo man went from fun to a very serious problem.  Anyway it may be different in Aussie land.
"Crocodile Man" and the title track really capture the flavour of of Australia.  It seems a funner place with colour and characters similar to our Old West.  I think HUME'S music with its variety, clever lyrics, stories and exotic sense will be a hit for people wanting something different.  The album tracked at just under 38 minutes but seemed a lot longer.  It was something different and I really liked most of it.  Think you will too.
~ Reviewed and copyright by A. Canales CRITICAL REVIEW Service